News/release from Zodttd:

Hi everyone,

I've been working hard on getting MP3 support added to ogg4iphone. I have finally accomplished this, and in the process fixed a lot of bugs and added a few more much needed features.

Here's what's new in ogg4iphone v0.7.0:

MP3 support added. ogg4iphone now plays MP3s in addition to OGG.
Playlists added. Add music to two playlists available. This feature will be worked on much more.
Stop music button added. Enjoy the silence.
Random play added in the Settings.
Volume increased 3x. Now you can hear the music too!
Tons of bugs fixed.
Be sure to check out ogg4iphone v0.7.0 in the ZodTTD Public Repo, just add this source to

It will also be available in the community sources via the ModMyiFone repo shortly.

Now that ogg4iphone has more than just OGG playing, should the name of this app be changed? Let me know by replying. Suggestions are also welcome, but keep in mind this is still a new application I'm designing from the ground up.