HTC has enabled developers to publish titles compatible with Oculus Rift through its own Viveport platform, giving users access to games built for both rival virtual reality headsets.
According to the announcement, developers can choose to opt-in for this compatibility from today with the hopes of building up a sizeable library before Viveport is launched to consumers on September 4th.
HTC claims this "doubles the potential audience" for all titles published through the platform, as well as the firm's own Viveport Subscription service. This offers VR users access to a library of almost 500 titles, where they are able to download and play five titles at a time for a monthly fee.
It's an interesting move, and perhaps one necessary to ensure a marketplace like Viveport flourishes in a market as niche as virtual reality. The cost of entry - both for VR hardware and the high-end PCs required to support it - has been an ongoing challenge for virtual reality firms, and as such the audience remains somewhat limited.