Heres a new homebrew release for the Nintendo Switch:

  • Nintendo Scene Developer @SimonMKWii is back with another one of his great apps for the Switch, this one builds NCA's legally, in that its 100% clean-room designed, no nintendo code in it, and no usage of leaked sdk tools, etc. so check out the first release below:
    Have you wanted to make installable homebrew? Now you can! Simply add a keys.txt file to the directory, choose your settings, add your files and build.

    • Builds most NCA types (excluding BKTR update partitions)
    • Simple and easy to use UI (Note: code is guaranteed to be at least 90% messier than the user interface)


    • Rights ID crypto + common and personalised ticket generation.
    • CNMT, NACP, icon and NPDM generation.

    Known issues:

    • Encryption process is S L O W
    • Program goes into a non-responsive state during some synchronised operations.

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