knight-ryu12 has released Bad Apple for the 3DS:

Hello. I'm knight-ryu12.

and this is release of badapple3ds! Bad Apple PV of niconico back in... 2009. now on 3DS.
I realized there is no 3DS one, there is DS one...

Full Homebrew Code + No movie being played (= no MVD. only FrameBuffer abused.)
and this is what "we've" working on it (like one month).

A big thanks to @Wolfvak who collaborated to this project and "monorale".
Code works with either *hax, Rosalina HBL. (also secondary exploit works too )

UPDATE: V1.1, changed few stuff and add several coloring.
v1.0: Initial Release
v1.1: Coloring Stuff and optimizations.