dborth has released a new version of the Snes Emulator for the Nintendo Wii:

[4.3.8 - August 16, 2018]

* Partially update core to 1.56 (with less accurate but faster Blargg audio core)
* Improved audio synchronization with dynamic rate control - fixes audio crackles
* Memory optimizations to free up more MEM1 for Snes9x
* Disable multi pixel format support for a speed boost
* Add MSU1 support (thanks qwertymodo!)
* Add BPS soft-patching support (thanks qwertymodo!)
* Allow loader to pass two arguments instead of three (libertyernie)
* Backport some MSU1 fixes from snes9x
* Fix a few potential crashes caused by the GUI
* Compiled with latest libOGC/devkitPPC
* Remove update check completely.
* Compatibility fixes for newer devkitppc.
* Compile fixes for Gamecube
* Compile fixes for Linux

download https://github.com/dborth/snes9xgx

via https://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopi...cf9bb05fecae90