Want to relive the Sega Saturn, well heres a chance:

It has been quite rough here over the past couple of months due to continuing health issues, so I want to apologise for lack of updates or new releases. I'm starting to do a bit better now, so I'm glad I was able to finish up this latest magazine just now.
What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than to take you back to the fall of 1997. With the release of issue number 24 of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine.
There's a ton of content again in this one, so let's get started! First of, we have features for Duke Nukem 3D, Marvel Super Heroes, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Sonic R. Then we take a look at the Japanese only releases: Silhouette Mirage and MegaMan X4, as well as the arcade version of Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter. Then we take a look at reviews for Last Bronx, Marvel Super Heroes and Duke Nukem 3D.