Heres some PSVita Hacking News:

Today, PS Vita hacker TheFlow announced that he will soon start working on improvements for his popular hack h-encore. H-encore is a full control (a.k.a kernel) exploit for the PS Vita, that works up to the latest firmware, 3.68 (see here for details).
Specifically, with h-encore 2.0, TheFlow intends to bring the following improvements:

  • Faster launch of Henkaku (this will be achieved by not running the bootstrap menu by default)
  • Option to fix trophies in the bootstrap menu
  • Improving the reliability of the exploit. The hacker says that currently it fails about 20% of the time, which is not a huge problems but means relaunching the hack multiple times for the people who run into issues.

Knowing TheFlow, there are chance he won’t stop to only these features, and add a few more things here and there for the community. Let’s stay tuned.
Additionally, according to the hacker, h-encore is still downloaded more than 1000 times each day, a nice stat for a tool that’s “already” 2 months old!
Source: TheFlow