When consoles are hacked, modding of commercial games is a must and the PSVita is no exception. While I’m usually not a fan of modding my games, I ended up modding Persona 4 Golden because there was a character I really wanted! In this article, we’ll be looking at what mods are available and how to mod your game!
The mods that are available

Persona 4 Golden is a PSVita game that thanks to HENkaku got a couple of interesting mods. Among these mods, we find:

  • A mod that lets you play as the Female Main Character (which I really love) from Persona 3 Portable while in dungeons and battle

    • It must be noted that this mod has a bug in which the game stops accepting input if you press ‘X’ in the dungeons without hitting a shadow.
    • Fortunately, the bug above doesn’t impede you from opening doors and chests and going up stairs.
    • As a result, if you’re very careful not to press X accidentally, you’re good I’ve personally played the dungeons for hours and I never hit X accidentally.
    • This mod doesn’t have FeMC’s voices in it BUT I have added them in a separate mod found in the Discord channel linked below.

  • Shinji, again from P3P, as Main Character in dungeons and battle.
  • No TV Static mod.
    • This mod removes the scanlines in TV world

  • An undub of the game.
    • This gives you Japanese voices in the North American release while retaining English text.

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