Xerpiís USB streaming plugin is called ďUDCD_UVCĒ and allows you to stream your PSVitaís screen over USB. While most may think of HDMI when game console streaming is mentioned, this wasnít an option for the PSVita as Retail units donít have an HDMI port. In light of this, Xerpi decided to delve deeper into PSVita modules and decided to start reverse engineering them in order to find an alternative streaming solution.

UDCD_UVC version 4 brought about the following:

  • The major issues, such as screen tearing in LiveArea and crashing in many games were fixed!! These may have been caused with some webcam viewers using other formats, that have now been removed from the plugin.
  • The slower video formats (MJPEG and YUY2) were removedPersona 4 being streamed to my PC via UDCD_UVC!

    • This makes the code smaller, easier to maintain and prevents people from using the above modes which donít work all too well.

  • The video frame transfer function has been optimised to make it faster
  • UDCD_UVCís memory footprint has been reduced which allows RAM-hungry games to run
  • Other improvements that make the plugin work better
  • Unfortunately, version 4 didnít bring a much needed name change for this plugin. This plugin seriously needs a better name thatís easier to write and pronounce! Even if itís something simple like VitaStream, itís better than the current name


via http://wololo.net/2018/08/03/psvita-...ita-as-a-pstv/