Custom Warning is a user-land plugin, that hooks into SceShell, which lets you customise the epilepsy screen to your liking! If you dont know what that is, its the screen that pops up about a health warning after the PS/Enso logo when you do a cold boot. With almost certainty, it can be said that this screen is useless to almost all PSVita users and many will be glad to customise it.
Thankfully, changing whats shown on your epilepsy screen is pretty simple as you only need to edit a TXT file to do so. However, you must use Unicode Little Endian when writing in your custom screen or else it wont work! Furthermore, its important you have FF FE if you want to show any text at all. If you dont want any text, you can simply create a blank BOM (Byte Order Mark) file. It must be noted that this will only work with FW 3.60/5 as only they can use Enso!

Custom Warning README (very important to check out):
Custom Warning GitHub page(make sure you grab v2):