When a new hack gets released, some things break and need to be updated. This article is here to get you up to speed on recent homebrew developments relating to h-encore and FW 3.65-3.68.

ShellSecBat V6/7 released: FW 3.68 and xmc0 support

ShellBat, developed by nowrep, is one of the most popular plugins for the PSVita as it allows you to see the battery percentage in the status bar.
You can now see your battery percentage and other information in the status bar even on FW 3.68!

It’s very useful because Sony’s official way of displaying how much battery is left isn’t very accurate and the battery icon can be full even though the charge is around 50%! OperationNT’s ShellSecBat, which is a fusion of ShellBat and LastSeconds, got the following updates:

  • Support for FW 3.68 by nowrep – V6
  • xmc0: support, for seeing how much space is left, which is useful for SD2Vita users on FW 3.68 by BenMitnicK- V7

Apart from displaying the battery percentage, it can also displays seconds, the date and how much space you have left in a specific partition. To get this plugin, simply follow the link below.
Auto-h-encore 0.3.2 released

Auto-h-encore, a tool that makes installing h-encore much easier, is still being updated!

As installing h-encore isn’t as easy as opening a webpage and letting the magic happen, developer ‘noahc3’ decided to release a tool which automates most of the process. Like all good developers, ‘noahc3’ is still pushing out updates for his software so that it works flawlessly and has all the features one may need.
Auto-h-encore 0.3.x brought along:

  • Multi-language support, with languages such as Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian being supported
  • Automatic grabbing of the AID (which is needed to encrypt the h-encore backup so that you could install it) from the registry if QCMA had already recorded it from previous usage.
  • Improved error handling and code clean-ups

To get auto-h-encore and hack your FW 3.65-3.68 PSVita/PSTV in a jiffy, simply follow the link below.

ShellSecBat R7 GitHub page: https://github.com/OperationNT414C/S...eleases/latest
Auto-h-encore 0.3.2 GitHub page: https://github.com/noahc3/auto-h-encore/releases/latest
VitaDB: https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/

via http://wololo.net/2018/07/05/h-encor...a-qr-and-more/