h-encore is the hack that TheFlow has been promising for Firmware 3.65-3.68 which allows you to run HENkaku/taiHEN on them. Contrary to his previous “3.65 updater”, this hack doesn’t require you to be on FW 3.60 to use it so that means that you can hack your PSVita/PSTV running a firmware higher than FW 3.60 right now! Obviously, h-encore will allow you to run:
h-encore uses an application entry point so you don’t need a WiFi connection to use it.

  • All your favourite homebrew although some homebrew may not work on FW 3.67/3.68 due to different memory offsets. However, some software such as Adrenaline, has already been updated to support these firmware versions and some doesn’t need to be updated at all.
  • Plugins, like VitaBright or ShellBat, so that you can make your PSVita/PSTV work exactly how you want it.
  • Games that require FW 3.67-3.68 so that you won’t be stuck running games that require FW 3.65 or below (as was the case before this release since the highest hackable firmware was FW 3.65 IF you had already been on FW 3.60).
  • Use SD2Vita for cheap memory via microSD cards.
  • Many other great things!

How do I hack my PSVita/PSTV running FW 3.65-3.68 then?

QCMA backup hacking is required for this one so make sure you sit yourself down for this one!

To hack your device, you require the following:

  • A computer and some common sense
  • A PSVita/PSTV running FW 3.65 to 3.68
    • If your device is running FW 3.61 or 3.63, update right to FW 3.65 NOT FW 3.67/3.68 as you can’t install HENkaku Enso (runs at boot) on them.

  • A PSVita memory card if you’re hacking a Fat (OLED/1K) PSVita. This is not required if you’re hacking a Vita Slim (2k model) or a PSTV as they have 1GB internal storage to which you can install h-encore.
  • Your device must be linked to PSN but it doesn’t need to be activated

If you have all those things, then follow the guide below which consists of 12 steps. Before attempting to hack your device, make sure you read it twice and understand what’s going on to avoid asking stupid questions to TheFlow! The process is somewhat lengthy and requires game backup hacking and injecting via QCMA so don’t attempt to do it if you don’t have at least an hour on your hands.

via http://wololo.net/2018/07/01/h-encor...-finally-over/