Reicast Git (2018/08/22) is compiled. reicast is a multi-platform Dreamcast emulator. The project is currently in Alpha, usability, performance and stability issues are to be expected. Cortex-A9 dualcore, 1ghz+ is the minimum hardware for decent speeds.

Reicast Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #1314 from reicast/lk/abandoned
* Travis: Set depth to a reasonable changeset max
* Android: Discard TheGamesDB, Fix disk images
* Android: More accurate labels for app-side options
* Merge pull request #1304 from gameblabla/glesfix
* Fixes compiling with GLES and X11
* Merge pull request #1312 from reicast/lk/android-vmu
* Android: Simplify the way peripheral views are set
* Android: Fix formatting corruption in the JNI
* Android: Add dynamic per-player peripheral support
* Merge pull request #1285 from reicast/lk/not-$#@!-travis
* Travis: increase depth over fetching full repo
* Merge pull request #1310 from reicast/lk/lgtm
* Include header guards to prevent multiple inclusions
* Core: Address some obvious lgtm issues