EightyOne v1.12 is released. EightyOne emulates the Sinclair ZX81, Sinclair ZX80, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k/48k, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k, Amstrad/Sinclair Spectrum +2, Amstrad/Sinclair Spectrum +2a, Amstrad/Sinclair Spectrum +3, Timex TS1000, Timex TS1500, Timex TS2068, Timex TC2048, Lambda 8300, Ringo R470, MicroDigital TK85 and Jupiter ACE.

EightyOne v1.12 Changelog:
* Bug fixes:
- Corrections to TC2048 keyboard image.
- Corrections to TC2068 keyboard image.
* Enhancements:
- Added a window to display the ZX80 Integral Functions next to its keyboard image.
- Refinement to ZX80 keyboard image.
- Refinement to ZX80 with ZXpand keyboard image.

download http://sourceforge.net/projects/eigh...clair-emulator

via http://www.emucr.com/2018/08/eightyone-v112.html