• One problem with PlayStation 4 is you can not downgrade the system 'firmware', so those on v6.0 or v5.5, can not go back in time on their PS4 consoles and enjoy basically the totally open v5.05 exploitable PS4 firmware, but that could change in the near future as recently @LightningMods_ gave out a link to a 'pastebin' that contains allegedly a bunch of useful 'keys' from the PS4 SYSCON chip that controls alot of the PS4 system boot-up and checking of the signed PS4 firmware files, and other checks.

    • FW_AES --> 5301C28824B57137A819C042FC119E3F
    • FW_CMAC --> 8F215691AC7EF6510239DD32CC6A2394
    • PTCH_AES --> EF90B21B31452379068E3041AAD8281E
    • PTCH_CMAC --> 95B1AAF20C16D46FC816DF32551DE032
    • RL78_ID --> 3A4E6F743A557365643A

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    For more in-depth news coverage on why this release is so cool and important to the PlayStation 4 Scene, check out Wololo's post which is linked below.

    NEWS SOURCE: PS4 SYSCON Keys Allegedly Disclosed (via) Wololo