It just got more interesting for Nintendo Switch Owners:

  • It has been a while since there was major update to 'Hekate Bootloader' setup for various CFW and RCM Payloads on the exploitable Nintendo Switch consoles, but scene developer @CTCaer recently announced on Twitter that he released v4.0 on his GITHub Repo.
    New in this version
    • Added Payload launching. Supports: All current CFW bootloaders, Linux chainloading and payload tools.
      Use the new entry in Launch, Payloads. Autoboot is supported via inis to all payloads.
    • Added Ianos, our module support loading and launching. First module is LP0 (sleep mode).
    • Added support for split ini
      They should be located to bootloader/ini. All cfw bootloaders, payloads and linux payloads are supported, along with Horizon files.
      Autoboot support. Use the More configs menu in autoboot configuration.
    • Auto launch update for modchips. For users that do not like to always update their eeprom.
    • Add KIP1 patching support
    • Backup speed is now faster, by having bigger write speeds.
    • Backup folder now uses eMMC serial number.
    • AutoRCM now shows status and can unbrick all AutoRCM versions and types.
    • If sd card is missing asks to continue. No more accidental stock HOS launching.
    • Allow dumping of TSEC keys to sd card
    • Fixed display sanitization for all firmwares. No more white flash or black screen.
    • Fix critical bug to FatFs
    • Countless fixes and bugfixes
    • And many more..

    Everything hekate related, moved to bootloader folder. Check for more.
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    GITHub Project Page: -->

    NEWS SOURCE: @CTCaer (via) Twitter