• Most dedicated PC gamers are familiar with the name GOG, otherwise known as Good Old Games, a digital game retailer owned by the company behind the Witcher series of games, CD Projekt. They're renown for selling games with no form of DRM whatsoever, believing that once you buy a game, you should be free to fully own it, rather than being bound by anti-piracy measures.

    This stance has brought GOG to its latest attempt to inform gamers: the "FCKDRM initiative".

    A new site, made by CD Projekt has gone live, called fckdrm.com, tries to advocate the public against all forms of DRM, claiming them as not only anti-consumer, but that they can also act as a "kill switch" that could easily prevent owners from accessing their purchases.

    • The site then lists problems with media that has DRM, such as the inability to have offline access or a loss of consumer rights, as well as being a roadblock in terms of digital preservation.

      At the bottom of the page is a list of causes to support, such as non-profit companies Defective By Design, which focuses on showing the failures of DRM in different forms, as well as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who try to lobby and fight legal battles against companies who try to force DRM upon their users. Bandcamp, GOG, OpenLibra, and Vimeo are all noted for being a source of DRM-free media, as an alternative to more mainstream options.


      via https://gbatemp.net/threads/gog-laun...of-drm.515821/