Does overclocking the Vita actually do anything, well heres a release that may answer that question:

Like the PSP, the PSVita normally runs in an underclocked mode with a CPU frequency of 333MHz rather than 444MHz. However, the plugin LOLIcon manages to truly overclock the PSVita past 444MHz to 500MHz!

Unlike plugins like OclockVita and PSV VSH Menu, LOLIcon overclocks the PSVita’s CPU to 500MHz (or 494MHz according to Yifan Lu) which isn’t an officially supported frequency. On a more technical note, this true overclock was achieved by messing around with the direct registers which control the ARM CPU’s clock speeds.

LOLIcon also has a nice and easy-to-use menu with extra features!

Other than its overclocking ability which grants extra extra FPS in games/homebrew, it also has other features such as:

  • A menu reminiscent of PSV VSH Menu to manage the plugin’s settings
  • Configuration profiles for every game
  • An FPS counter
  • An X/O button swapper
  • More features are planned for the future which may make this the ultimate overclocking/in-game menu plugin!

LOLIcon download link:
Dots-tb’s twitter (further updates):