Hi all today im doing a normal non youtube article about the best 5 Beer kits ive homebrewed and im not talking about grain kits just ones that can be done by folks who have standard equipment.

So to do any Homebrew at all youll need a Fermentation Bucket and the other equipment like a Barrel and hydrometer etc

This kit has the bucket, the Barrel, Airlock, tubing and hydrometer

This can be brought Here

So once you have the equipment we can move on to the Top 5 Beer Kits available now.

In at Number 1 is

St Peters Honey Porter

An awesome Honey flavoured Porter that just gets better with age and is totally delicious, please make a plum porter kit

In at Number 2 is

BullDogs Evil Dog

An excellent Double IPA that is a lot stronger the longer you leave it, beware you will get drunk.

In at Number 3 is

Brewferm Kwiek a Cherry Beer Kit

A truly fantastic Cherry beer thats very strong and full of fruit, my only downer is the kit brews a low amount.

In at Number 4 is

Bulldogs Easter Brew

The chocolate in this stout is amazing, truly one of the best homebrew beers youll ever taste, i need to brew it again

In at Number 5

Simply Ginger Beer Kit

An amazing Ginger Beer kit that when brewed short delivers a strong Ginger Beer on a par with commercial Ginger Beers like Crabbies.

So there you have it, maybe a surprise or 2 on the list but ive brewed a lot over the years and these are my top 5 homebrew Beer Kits.