• Microsoft is continuing to heavily market their "games as a service" plan, with the success of their Game Pass service. The company has furthered this idea by recently announcing Xbox All Access, which will allow for consumers to pay a monthly fee for an Xbox One bundle that comes with Xbox Live and Game Pass as well. Instead of paying upfront, you'll instead pay $21.99 a month for an Xbox One S, or $34.99 for the more powerful Xbox One X, both of which include the aforementioned Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. You pay this fee for a contract of 24 months, after which you get to keep the system for no interest, assuming you made all your payments on time. After combining all the payments, customers will pay just a little bit more than they would have by buying two years of Game Pass and Xbox Live alongside a console, however, the bonus to this deal is that you do not have to come up with all of the cost at once.

    Currently, this appears to be a limited time plan, and only available to those in the United States at this time. You'll also need to visit a physical Microsoft Store to actually sign up for Xbox All Access.