Sony released PS4 Firmware 5.56 a couple days ago. As always, if you’re looking to hack your PS4, do not update.
Firmware 5.56 is a minor update, which, according to the official changelog, “improves system performance”.
Hackers have yet to mention if this patches undisclosed vulnerabilities or not, although for most of us, this will not matter: the latest hackable firmware for PS4 is firmware 5.05, and no trusted hacker has promised any exploit for firmwares 5.5x. In other words, this article still sums up pretty much your situation if you are running on one of the latest firmwares.
The best way to hack your PS4 nowadays is to get your hands on a PS4 with 5.05. With that being said, if you’re on one of the latest firmwares and can’t/won’t buy a 5.05 console, then as always, the recommendation is to stay on as low a firmware as you possibly can.
Source: Playstation