Upcoming Nintendo Switch 6.0 was leaked online, and several Switch hackers have had access to it already.
Hacker Hexkyz has shared a pretty good summary of what’s been found in the leaked firmware, besides what mainstream sites have been reporting.
Nintendo Switch Firmware 6.0 updates, from a security perspective

From the hacker’s tweets:
What changed:

  • New fuse and keyblob index (means new keys)
  • New sysmodule “olsc” for the SaveData cloud backup feature
  • More telemetry: new error report entries for tracking PCIE devices and connection test URL redirection
  • Introduced the concept of “elicenses” in NIM (paid online);
  • New domain for online error collection (“dragons”);
  • Small Mariko related changes (e.g.: max77812_dram is a thing now).Hexkyz adds:
    The rumors of this being a “homebrew breaking update” were obviously false and there are no traces of an active NSP/XCI detection system. Additionally, the GameCard firmware was not updated either (no cart3 or w/e). Nonetheless, caution is advised for those wishing to update!
    Mainstream media have reported on lots of upcoming features based on the leaked firmware, many of which have been confirmed by Switch hackers. This includes new icons on the device which might indicate, according to a few sites, that the Nintendo Switch will not support more controllers including those of the SNES and NES Mini. Multiple sites also report that a paid online service will appear in 6.0, as well as a “Cloud” option will now be available for people to backup their saved games. Hexkyz has confirmed that such details (additional icons, savedata backup, paid online) were found in the firmware.

    news via http://wololo.net/2018/09/03/nintend...-found-so-far/