Custom Boot Splash is a plugin by PSVita developer Princess Of Sleeping who seems to be quite fond of messing around with system files.

This plugin allows you to change your PSVita/PSTV’s boot screen to any static image you desire which, in my opinion, increases the coolness factor of hacking your PSVita ten-fold! Obviously, this supports FW 3.60/5 as it requires Enso to work.
In order to avoid any confusion, what is shown when the PSVita boots is explained here in order:

  1. Boot Logo – this is the Enso or PS logo
    • This plugin can’t fully bypass this so it’s momentarily shownn

  2. Custom Boot Splash takes over and your custom image is shown
    • This replaces the Enso/PS logo which stays there for a few seconds without this plugin

  3. Epilepsy Warning