Earlier today, Sony has started pushing firmware 3.69 to the PS Vita. Itís now been fully confirmed that this firmware update patches h-encore, the exploit that lets us fully hack the PS Vita up to firmware 3.68.
PS Vita 3.69 patches h-encore exploit, no plans for future hacks

Hacker TheFlow, who was behind h-encore, has confirmed on twitter that Sony patched the kernel exploit. He however mentioned that another bug was involved in his hack, that Sony did not fix.
Nevertheless, it doesnít mean that 3.69 can be hacked anytime soon. For all intents and purposes, h-encore has been patched by this new firmware update, and TheFlow has confirmed he will not be releasing a new exploit for the console. Given how involved that kind of work is, and the dying popularity of the PS Vita (among users as well as hackers), thereís a strong possibility that 3.68 could be the last hackable firmware for the console.