VitaShell is the TheFlow’s famous file manager that’s installed on almost every HENkaku/taiHEN-enabled PSVita/PSTV console. TheFlow didn’t just stop at making it a great file manager but kept on adding features to make it even better.

VitaShell 1.96 brings along:

  1. The ability to skip between pages (17 on-screen items) in the file browser and SFO viewer by using the L/R triggers
  2. Ability to move files between partitions by executing a ‘copy and remove’ command
  3. A bug was fixed in which VitaShell forgot whether the user wanted to disable the VPK install warning dialogue
  4. Some changes relating to USB mass device file transfer were undone due to issues with VPK installation

    • Hopefully, the memory card corruption fixed in VitaShell 1.95 doesn’t re-emerge

  5. The QR code reader/downloader no longer works because the way to trigger it (holding the L/R trigger) has been reassigned to something else (see point 1)

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