Less than a quarter of parents set and actually enforce limits for the amount of time their children spend online, a report from UKIE's Digital School House has revealed.
'Online Safety: A Pupil's Perspective' surveyed over 2,000 students in primary and secondary schools across the UK; the report found that while children have good understanding of online safety, parents frequently don't, and do little to set boundaries for the amount of time their children spend online.
As video games continue to attract criticism from the mainstream media over issues like 'gaming disorder' or Fortnite-mania, one statistic in particular showed a disregard from parents over setting screen time for children.
Only 19 per cent of students surveyed said that their parents set, and actually enforce restrictions around the amount of time they spend online.
Adding to that, nearly 30 per cent said that limits are set, but not enforced, while 35 per cent reported that no limits are set whatsoever.
"Regardless of actual parental practice what's important here is the student's perception," the report reads. "If they don't perceive their to be limits placed upon their time spent, then they are unlikely to follow this in practice."