If you’re even slightly into giving some style to your PSVita then Red Squirrel’s Custom Themes Manager is the ideal homebrew for you. The homebrew is quite fully fledged with a great UI that has touch/button support, the ability to download themes from a huge online repository, a dumper for official themes and many more features including a utility to back/up restore app.db.
Custom Themes Manager 4.0 brings about many new features so that your experience is made better!

Like all good homebrew developers, Red Squirrel is still giving it updates and the recent 4.0 update includes:

  • The ability to change the installation direction of custom themes to ux0,ur0 or uma0. This could prove useful if you’re into installing lots of themes
  • An update checker for installed themes
  • Sort by ‘validation score’ (how complete the theme is) is now an option while browsing themes
    • The validation report can be opened in the browser as well by pressing SELECT on the theme you’re viewing

  • Many other improvements including a bug fix when checking for available space during unzipping, the ability to jump to a specific page when browsing the online repository and the ability to load locally stored previews from ux0:/ctm.

Those who use or want Custom Themes Manager should get the VPK from this link and install it via VitaShell. Bugs should be reported to the linked BitBucket page.

via http://wololo.net/2018/09/16/this-we...igma-and-more/