Other than CTM 4.0 and Bookr Mod 0.3, this week also saw the release of:

  • Updates to rsn8887s homebrew with improvements to analogue stick/d-pad diagonal movement and other stuff all available on VHBB

  • Zelda3T 1.3.1 which brings bug fixes and the ability for Link to move in all 8 directions available on VHBB
  • Theme Manager Ex 2.0
  • Multidownload Vita with the ability to download files from QR codes (useful after VitaShell temporarily dropped the feature with version 1.96 which is the current version) and URLs
  • Easy DS3 to make setting up your DualShock 3 a little easier
  • ONEMenu v3.0.8 with bug fixes
  • Plugins Manager v2.0
  • Manga Downloader Vita 2.4 and PKGJ 0.37; no links will be provided as both homebrew can be used for illicit purposes

via http://wololo.net/2018/09/16/this-we...igma-and-more/