Joel16 has released a new version of his shell for the nintendo Switch


Book Reader: Update mupdf sub-module with latest changes and fix generated font objects.
Book Reader: Added landscape page layout.
Book Reader: Load/save last opened book page.
Add fast scrolling using left/right stick.
Image viewer: Auto-scale images depending on their height.
Book Reader: Improve book reader controls (Left stick to move page location and right stick to zoom in/out).
Image viewer: Zoom using right stick.
Book Reader: Only use dark background when dark theme is enabled.
Music Player: Continue playing next audio file if directory is not empty.
Book Reader: R/L keys to switch multiple pages (10).
Display battery percent and charging status on status bar.
Music Player: Add lock functionality to prevent using next/previous buttons. (Use the plus button to toggle this)
Use L/R to navigate the cursor in OSK.


Fix progress bar colour in dark theme.
Fix OSK highlighted colour.
Fix 'B' causing refresh when attempting to navigate to parent directory.
Image viewer/Music Player: Only populate the directory list with entries once to avoid issues.
Use delta time for animation.
Book Reader: Fix next/prev in landscape mode.
Fix sorting options not being loaded properly from config.