LightningMods has released OrbisMan for your hacked PS4. This is a piece of homebrew which offers lots of the functionality that was until now available in multiple other payloads and/or homebrews. In other words, a swiss army knife for PS4 hacking, that you can launch directly from the PS4 Menu.

The full feature list can be found below (from the developer):
FTP Automatically On once XMB is started Up

——– See IP and FTP Port at the buttom of the screen————-

Sub Menus
+Section 1
– Enable and Disable Background Music (selection saved as a Gamesave)
– Credits

+ Section 2 (Kernel Menu)
– Kernel Dumper
– Key dumping (PSID, Partial IDPS, EAP Key) – ALL will be written to USB0
– Spoof Target Id (Devkit, TestKit, Retail)
– Spoof FW (9.99, 5.55, Restore 5.05)
– UART (On, Off)

+ Section 3 (HDD Menu)
– Backup and restore App.db
– Decrypt and Dump FS (Reboot Required to avoid System problems)
– Dump misc (notifcation.db, SceShellCore)
– System Partition R/W (On/Off)

+ Section 4 (Misc)
– Linux Loader
– Reboot to Recovery
– Remove Parent Controls
– Update Blocker LITE (On/Off)
– Wipe notifications
+ Section 5 (Game)
– Lightbar changer (Green, Blue and Red)
Orbisman is compatibe with PS4 firmwares 4.55 and 5.05.
Download Orbisman

You can Download Orbisman from the author’s site here.