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Thread: Itís apparently easy to load your own Roms into the Switch official NES app

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    Default Itís apparently easy to load your own Roms into the Switch official NES app

    Hacker KapuccinoHeck has shared some findings about the new NES emulator that is part of Nintendoís new ďSwitch onlineĒ offering. Apparently, itís fairly easy to load your own Roms (on a hacked Switch) and play them directly, which the hacker demonstrated by loading Kirbyís Adventure (video below).
    The proof of concept work is currently done by simply swapping the Roms of the games on the device. The hacker stated that the games are simple .NES files that can easily be swapped.
    Furthermore, KapuccinoHeck mentioned that the NES App on the Switch seems to be a hastily created port of the NES emulator running on the NES Classic, Hachikachi. Because of that, thereís good hope that tools will be made available shortly for people to easily increase their NES library on the Switchís own emulator.
    In the meantime, Rom swapping is allegedly easy if you already have a hacked console (we havenít tried yet). Or if you really want your NES fix on the switch, you can also give a try to the fceumm emulator via Retroarch.

    Source: KapuccinoHeck


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    Quote Originally Posted by 6Zayn View Post
    Nes files are too easy to be flipped. This is a jackpot for the hackers.
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    Exactly, you are right, it's really a jackpot for hackers!
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    Ermm, why would you even bother with the official NES app if you need a hacked switch anyway, load up RetroNX and have ALL nes roms playable, with save states, scanlines, overlays etc..

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