CTCaer has updated his Hekate Mod (one of the most popular forks of Hekate since the original source was pulled from github) to version 4.1.
This new version brings, unsurprisingly, full support for firmware 6.0.0, as well as multiple improvements and bug fixes.
What is Hekate?

Hekate is a custom Nintendo Switch bootloader and firmware patcher, which also includes recovery tools.
Hekate is typically used in combination with a Custom Firmware such as Atmosphere to run homebrews on your console. All hackable consoles (all “1st generation” Nintendo Switch consoles) can run it.
Hekate Mod is a fork of the original tool, which adds some features and support for more firmware versions.
The full changelog for Hekate Mod 4.1:

  • Full 6.0.0 support
    Secmon/ kernel patches, FS patches, sleep mode, hw config, etc.
  • Improved .ini/payload handling
    hekate_ipl.ini is no longer required and hekate does not hang on empty folders.
  • PWM backlight
    You can now change the backlight brightness.
  • Auto full power off when the device woke up from HOS’ power off
    Usefull with modchips/dongles when using AutoRCM. (You can see it as a breathing backlight with hekate’s logo).
  • Backup can be now cancelled when in the writing process (white bar), by pressing VOL UP + DOWN.
  • Self update chainloading properly checks for version number now to avoid uneeded loads.
  • Support payloads with broken/bad hw init…
  • Added ipatches info and dumping of patched/unpatched bootrom and ipatches
  • Corrected some hw config changes found in 5.x-6.0.0
  • More boot reasons and bootrom registers restores to normal
  • It now properly restores BCT on dev units from where it’s supposed to.
  • Added warning message when the bootloader library for sleep mode is missing.
  • And many many bugfixes

You can download Hekate Mod from CTCaer’s github here.
Source: CTCaer

via http://wololo.net/2018/09/20/switch-...irmware-6-0-0/