• The Nintendo Switch Scene has been on fire for the last few months, but even with all the great 'homebrew' already released, we feel there still could be alot more, and sometimes 'developers' need a little push to do so, as such GBATemp has recently put together an amazing 'homebrew bounty' for the growing Switch scene, and has already between themselves and sponsors raised $8000 (Eight Thousand US Dollars) to hand out to various developers in four different categories for their new releases, as follows:
    GBATemp will actually be running four different competitions over the next few months, one for each category of homebrew. The idea is to reward everyone, not just game developers but also those who work behind the scene to create the tools everyone needs.

    CATEGORY 1: tools and utilities
    This category is meant to reward authors of tools/utilities, as in, programs that run on a computer (not on the Switch itself) and serve a specific purpose such as patching tools, content extractors, development libraries, and much more. If you aren't sure whether your project fits in this category, look at the other categories below, and if in doubt, simply ask a moderator.

    CATEGORY 2: Switch applications
    Projects in this category are applications that run on the Switch itself. A few examples: video or media players, browsers, custom firmwares, homebrew loaders, etc... This category is not to be confused with category 1 which is for computer-based tools.

    CATEGORY 3: emulators
    The third category will reward emulators. This means emulators that run on the Switch, or who knows, perhaps the other way around too: Switch emulators that run on computers. If your project is an emulator and it's related to the Switch then it belongs in this category anyway.

    CATEGORY 4: games
    The last category: homebrew games. We accept new games as well as ports of existing games, of course.

    Regardless of the category, if you wish to enter, you will be required to present either a new project, or a significant update to an existing project. As it is difficult to define the exact meaning of 'significant update', simply keep in mind that judges will look at your project individually and decide whether your update is significant enough to warrant their vote.

    A few other noteworthy points:
    • In order to enter, you will be required to upload your project to the GBAtemp Download Center to allow other users to download your files easily. However feel free to also host your project on other platforms such as Github and similar.
    • Our Patrons (members who support us on Patreon) will have a voting right, the combined patron votes will have a 50% weight on the outcome, the other 50% will come from internal staff votes.
    • Although the competition hasn't officially started yet as we're only beginning Phase 1 (read below for more details), you can already begin working on your new project / project update to submit to the Homebrew Bounty. However you must publish it during the appropriate window in order to be eligible to win a prize.
    • Winning projects will receive cash prizes as well as medals (image files) that they can include in their project if they like.

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    Since our sites share in the gaming community in the scene world, we here at MaxConsole, are looking forward to all the new 'homebrew, emulators, tools, utilities' that will be rewarded to the authors that need to be shown that they have full support of the community and sites behind them for all their normally thankless hard work and efforts, and we support GBATemp in putting together this amazing 'homebrew bounty' and are looking forward to showcase the many winning projects once this contest is over.

    FOR MORE INFO AND TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT PLEASE VISIT: --> GBAtemp Homebrew Bounty: 2018 Switch Edition (via) GBATemp

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