Heres some news that PS4 owners should heed:

  • It seem some clever bad 'hackers' have found that you can 'brick' a PS4 running the latest firmware by sending in-game chat 'messages' to your PlayStation 4 console with certain 'characters' which will cause your PS4 to brick itself, forcing you to 'factory reset' it to un-brick, which means you end up losing all your PSN Games/DLC/Game Updates/Game Saves, forcing you to spend hours restoring it all.
    It appears that PlayStation 4 users might need to quickly go tweak their system settings, due to a newly uncovered "hack" in the form of corrupted private messages.

    Hundreds of users have reported that upon receiving a weird message in their PS4's message inbox, their consoles would freeze up, and not do anything, requiring a full factory reset in order to function again. This glitch can happen to anyone that allows messages from "everybody", so it's highly recommended that for now, you should set messages to friends only.

    Those unlucky enough to experience the problem find that upon getting the message, their system won't connect to their controller, and if they try to force the system to go back to the menu, it'll still crash when signing into their account. Sony hasn't said anything in regards to the matter at this time.
    Even deleting the message from the mobile app doesnít work. It happened to me during Rainbow Six: Siege. A player from the other team used a dummy account to send the message and crashed my entire team. We all have had to factory reset. Only one of our guys wasnít affected and he has his messages private. Do this ASAP to prevent this from happening to you.
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    This just happened to me during Rocket League. Got a message then after a minute my controller stopped working and everything went silent. Now I canít access the home menu. It just goes to the ĎReport Problemí screen every time.
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    You can protect yourself from such problems if you go to settings, account management, privacy settings, and then personal info/messaging.
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