• Currently, the existing XCI/NSP tools either need a PC or can only do one or the other, but now scene developer @HiD has released the first version of dOPUS and it can manage both NSP/XCI installs directly on your Switch console itself. You can grab it here!
    • File browser like interface
    • Install or "Install & Delete" NSP, XCI
    • Install an extracted NSP or XCI (NCA folder)
    • Extract NSP, XCI to a folder
    • Convert XCI to NSP

    --> Don't forget to place keys.dat to the root of the SDCard to use XCI features! <--
    You can generate it using kezplez --> https://github.com/tesnos/kezplez-nx/releases

    Keep in mind this is a first alpha release. If people like it and use it, I might add more features!
    As always I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your switch or your data.

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    NEWS SOURCE: dOPUS 0.6 - NSP/XCI file installer and manager (via) GBATemp