• Find xci2nsp releases here: https://gitlab.com/roothorick/dedbae/tags/
    This is an XCI to NSP converter that's smarter and faster than 4nxci.
    • A single, self-contained executable with no dependencies worth mentioning.
    • Reads and writes the game exe/assets -- the part that actually takes more than a few seconds -- only once, without decrypting/re-encrypting. No interstitial files. This is as fast as I can make it; the bottleneck is the throughput of your HDD.
    • Handles all known XCI/gamecard formats.
    • Produces output NSPs with the human-readable game name, title ID, and version ID in hex (much more readable than CDNSP's decimal translation).
    • Identifies and extracts embedded updates as a separate NSP.
    • No fake tickets, no recrypting with titlekey crypto, no cruft in your ticketdb. Only the update NSPs have tickets, and they're real, official tickets.

    via https://www.maxconsole.com/threads/d...nverter.48660/