I just watched with Ben Daglish and wanted to share. Quote: 'Ben Daglish, one of the UK's greatest video game musicians died earlier this week at the age of just 52. Ben was one of the now legendary Commodore 64 Sid Chip musicians of the 1980's where the technical challenges of making any kind of meaningful sound, let alone music, were not just met, but surpassed by the likes of Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, David Whittaker, Fred Gray and others, but also of course Ben Daglish ... This film was shot during 30 minutes of complete spontaneity in July 2013 in Max Hall's recording studio in England. Ben had been writing and recording music for the 'From Bedrooms to Billions' film soundtrack for two long days and before going home was just having a cup of tea, when suddenly we all started talking about 1980's Commodore 64 music.' Thanks goes to smf for the heads up.

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