• @Aida-Enna has throw together a quick app for creating HTML files and converting files to Switch compatible formats.

    He knows the GUI still sucks and his code needs to be optimized, but for now he has released an version we can enjoy as 'PoC', and he will be working on polishing it up to give us more options, so we can finally enjoy watching anything we want on our Switch consoles.
    • Generates customized HTML from a folder of switch-compatible video files (using https://gbatemp.net/threads/html-vid...ate-nx.520956/)
    • Converts video files to Switch-compatible format with optional resizing. (requires ffmpeg pre-installed)
    • Autocreates episode preview snapshots
    • Automatically sets up directories, HTML/CSS/JS files. Just drop your videos into the vids folder!


    • Video files containing subs will lose subtitles upon Conversion. This will be fixed in an update soon.
    • Videos will not be resized yet. This will also come in a new version as I work on my ffmpeg-fu.


    Follow each step, then hit "Generate project". It'll open the output directory when it's complete. Copy the videos you selected in Step 2 into the "vids" folder, then build the entire output folder (the stuff in the folder, not the folder itself!) with the Homebrew Web Framework.
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    OFFICIAL GITHub Project Page: --> https://github.com/Aida-Enna/VideoSetupNX/releases

via https://www.maxconsole.com/threads/v...-switch.48861/