Steam's monthly active user count has grown by 23 million in just over a year, according to figures from Valve.
Presented at Melbourne Games Week, it was revealed that Steam now has over 90 million MAUs, compared to 67 million last year.
Valve has also seen its daily active users grow to 47 million, up from 33 million last year; it's peak concurrent users have yet to exceed the 18.5 million record set in January, during the height of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' popularity.
This increase runs contrary to July figures from SteamSpy which showed a drop in the share of active users playing a game at a given time over the same period, from 38 per cent to 31 per cent.
The growth spike is at least partly attributable to the 30 million users in China, up from 15 million last year, according to market intelligence firm Niko Partners.
Steam's unsanctioned position within the Chinese market has only gained prominence in recent months, amid a halt in new-game approvals by the government.