• Last year, FUZE Technologies Ltd. announced they were bringing their hugely popular learn-to-code platform to Nintendo’s Switch console. Since the initial announcement the FUZE team have been working solidly to produce an environment for Nintendo Switch that is easy to use and accessible to all and are pleased to announce the launch date of 1st April 2019.
    Jon Silvera, Managing Director of FUZE comments: “Whilst we had planned for a before Christmas launch, we have decided to focus on the 1st April 2019. We want to give ourselves as much time to make F4NS as good as we know it can be, and this extra time will allow us to ensure the best quality and stability. As a small yet ambitious team, we are very much looking forward to releasing F4NS at a time when we know it is the best we can make it. We want to thank everyone for their support and patience – we promise it will be worth the wait!”

    Reminiscent of original BASIC, but revitalised and redesigned to align itself with modern languages like Python, Java and C++, FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is both easy to pick up for beginners with simple, intuitive commands but powerful enough to write stunning quality games and apps in both 2D and 3D - perfect for anyone looking to expand the horizons of their programming ability.

    Thanks to the incredible support from the gaming community, FUZE4 Nintendo Switch includes thousands upon thousands of visual game assets. From simple character sprites to full 3D furniture, castles and dungeons, it is possible to create games of any genre with the mammoth collection. Of course, there are also hundreds of music tracks and sound effects to ensure your games sound as awesome as they look.