Awesome news for retro Sega Fans:

One of the 16-bit era’s hall-of-fame RPGs has received a Phantastic makeover!
Phantasy Star IV was one of SEGA’s best RPGs, with great story, character interaction, and gameplay, but the English translation was merely adequate. It suffered from awkward, often laughable dialog, as well as many mistranslations that were meant to tie the 2,000-year-long story of the previous three games together.
Among the goofiest translation choices:

  • Misnaming the planet “Palma” to “Parma”, which is a suburb of Cleveland.
  • The main character yelling “I’m not going to fight for no mission!” at a pivotal story moment.
  • An emotional goodbye between bros punctuated with “You silly!”

And so on.
The patch author, Chris Hatala – “GhaleonUnlimited”, was surprised that a Phantasy Star IV hack fixing the series references was never tackled, so he decided to learn what ROM hacking was all about.
Thanks to the help and support of two other fan-project leaders – vivify93 and lory1990 on RHDN – Chris was able to completely rewrite the script where needed and inject it into the game, along with adding bugfixes, fixing censorship, and allowing for player preference in which script they wanted to play.
Also, thanks to their help and also great resources online, the original Japanese was used to best match the original creators’ intentions.
Being a big fan of the breezy dialog and whimsical nature of the Lunars on SEGA CD, Chris aimed to add a naturalness to the dialog, as well as accentuate each character’s personality.
He also added humor that was appropriate to the established universe and tone of the game, because much of the game’s funnier moments were lost in translation or were simply missed opportunities in the original script.
Now that English fan translations of the brilliant SEGA AGES remakes of Phantasy Star 1 and 2 have been completed, this project was meant to link both both the classic translations together but also these new exciting developments in the Phantasy Star world.
At version 1_48, most of the text errors and bugs should be fixed. The author hopes that this relocalization will give 16-bit RPG fans who missed out on PSIV – as well as long-time PS fans – a reason to revisit one of classic gaming’s best RPG story arcs!