• Switchbrew has released a major update to nx-hbloader, a host process for loading NRO files for Switch homebrew applications. This new version makes some improvements such as now allowing for applications to run with the full amount of 3.2GB RAM, as opposed to the past, where it could only use ~400MB of RAM. Library applets are still usable, and older homebrew NRO files will still work, but they are limited to using 442MB of RAM max, this also counts when running it through the album app. Other changes were made, including making the program less prone to issues by disabling core3 access, and more. You can grab the .nsp at the GitHub for the project, and see the full changelog below.

    • Now supports running as an application with access to the full ~3.2GB of RAM reserved for applications, while being backwards compatible with older NRO homebrew. Running as a library applet is still supported, although it only has access to 442MB of RAM.
    • Granted access to all FS permissions.
    • Granted user/host access to all services.
    • Granted access to debugging SVCs.
    • Disabled access to core3 in order to solve stability problems when using preemptively multithreaded threads & load balancing.
    • Added support for RandomSeed homebrew ABI key, which allows NRO homebrew to use the libnx randomGet* functions without always getting back the same results throughout a single session of nx-hbloader.
    • Custom NPDM built from source.
      • Default kernel caps application type set to applet (2). Atmosphère users aren't affected by this change, since its native support for nx-hbloader automatically sets the appropriate application type.

    The provided binary is an ExeFS PFS0 .nsp, which can be placed at /atmosphere/hbl.nsp, or loaded through some other ExeFS replacement method.

    download https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader/releases

    via https://gbatemp.net/threads/nx-hbloa...to-ram.521091/