If you donít know what PSM games are, theyíre games that used to be available via a service that closed over 3 years. Unfortunately, this meant that there was no longer a way to play them (unless you had bought them and they were on Vita already) but then, frangar released NoPsmDrm which fixed this problem. However, modding these games was impossible since NoPsmDrm didnít decrypt the game itself but only created fake licenses to run the games. Thankfully, a few days ago F*PSSE was released and this decrypted PSM games and their files so that you could modify them.
Now, PSMPatch has been released and this lets you install mods to PSM games such Cytus Lambda and also run PSM homebrew! Among the realistic stuff that you can expect to come out of PSMPatch, we find:

  • Patches to unlock content that required you to make an IAP
    • While this may be illegal, itís very difficult to make a case against it because the servers for processing these IAPs have been down for years

  • Mods that could change the look of certain game elements
  • Ability to make homebrew PSM games/applications with the PSM SDK (which means that you can code in C# for the Vita)

download https://bitbucket.org/SilicaAndPina/...e-view-default

via http://wololo.net/2018/10/21/psmpatc...-psm-homebrew/