Spelunky Classic HD is an enhanced version of the original Spelunky game (which was renamed to Spelunky Classic).Spelunky Classic is a cave exploration game in which you hunt treasure, kill enemies and dodge traps among others things. This game, by Derek Yu, was originally released in 2009 as freeware but later on in 2012, an HD reboot (thatís available for the Vita via PSN) of it was released for which you have to pay $15.Spelunky Classic HD, by yancharkin, took the original Spelunky game (which was converted to GM:S by Darius Kazemi and YoYo games) and improved upon it by adding:

  • Support for different aspect ratios like 16:9 (which is found on many of todayís screens)
  • Support for touch input
  • Translation support (thereís a Spanish one available)
  • The PSVita got its port by Reddit user ĎtijesefĎ and G*Maker was used to make it possible. Spelunky Classic HD works pretty well on the Vita and has the following features:

    • Excellent performance with no performance drops at all
    • 16:9 video so you donít have to bother with letter boxed gameplay
    • Audio support
    • Ability to use the d-pad or analogue stick to control the game
      • This game makes no use of the touch screen so itís PSTV-friendly!

  • Spelunky Classic HD Reddit thread (download link + instructions): https://www.reddit.com/r/vitahacks/c..._hd_vita_port/
    Official Spelunky game for the PSVita (via PSN): https://store.playstation.com/en-us/...ELUNKY00000000

    via http://wololo.net/2018/10/18/spelunk...amemaker-game/