GameMaker Studio is a game engine, which runs on multiple platforms, that uses a scripting language which allows you to create games with less effort.
Among GameMaker Studio-based games, we find:

Through G*Maker, you can take Game Maker Studio (GM:S) projects and compile/export them to the PSVita! This tool allows you to bring open-source GM:S projects to the PSVita with little effort but it must be noted that this wonít allow you to run closed-source GM:S games on your PSVita. G*Maker is based on some code from a game called ďSiralimĒ and that uses GM:S v1.4.1763 as the game engine so you wonít be able to use newer versions of GM:S with G*Maker.
If you want to start bringing GameMaker games over to the PSVita, simply look for their links which can be found easily enough. SilicaAndPina has also been able to port some games which can also be found online.
@nikita_krapivin, CelesteBlue and others helped make G*Maker possible. There isnít enough information to verify the legality of G*Maker and the Extreme Burger Defense port (was distributed via Humble Bundle) so links wonít be provided.

If you donít know what PSM games are, you neednít worry as the PSM (not PSN) service was shut down over 3 years ago. As of right now, they can be played via NoPsmDRM on hacked PSVita/PSTVs even if you didnít own a Vita and buy PSM titles back in 2015 when the service was still up.
However, NoPsmDRM (like NoNpDrm) leaves games in an unencrypted state as it works by creating fake licenses. As a result, modding PSM games wasnít possible as game files and executables were encrypted but now, F*PSSE has been released which lets you decrypt these games!