If you’ve been following any of rsn8887’s work in the PSVita homebrew scene, you’ll easily realise that he loves working on small updates/patches. These patches are usually intended to fix pesky bugs, update code bases or add useful new features and this time, it’s the latter.
rsn8887’s new “Sharp Bilinear without scanlines” filter is intended to be used with TheFlow’s Adrenaline 6.7 and it offers some advantages over the “Sharp Bilinear” filter already found in Adrenaline. Among these advantages, we find:

  • The removal of scanlines which is a feature that some people don’t like
    • The only things that this shader does are giving sharp pixels minimum blur and eliminating pixel wobble

  • Unlike the “Bilinear” filter that comes bundled with Adrenaline, rsn8887’s filter does not cause screen tearing and slow-down in certain PS1 games like “Lomax”.

To get this new filter, you simply need to follow this link, download “adrenaline_user.suprx” and copy it to “ux0:app/PSPEMUCFW/sce_module/” (you’ll have to replace the file that’s already there). After doing that, you can just open Adrenaline and enjoy the new filter as it doesn’t require a device reboot to function.
This new filter has already been accepted by TheFlow in Adrenaline’s official codebase so expect it to be bundled with Adrenaline 6.8 when it drops.

via http://wololo.net/2018/10/13/recent-...spoof-support/