A few days ago, Sony decided to release OFW 4.83 for the PlayStation 3 which broke ps3Xploit thus rendering the latest OFW unhackable again. This came as a bit of a surprise as the PS3 is over a decade old and many thought that Sony had stopped supporting it.

As a result of this, CFW 4.82 users were no longer able to connect to PSN because Sony has server-side checks to prevent consoles not running the FW from logging into PSN. Now, that issue is no more as, thanks to @Evilnat, SEN Enabler 6.0.9 has been released with the ability to spoof OFW 4.83 so that you can connect to PSN on your PS3 running CFW.
Other than support for spoofing OFW 4.83, SEN Enabler 6.0.9 brings along:

  • Support for CFW 4.83 CEX/DEX although this hasnít been tested as there arenít any 4.83 CFWs yet
  • Cobra data for Rebug 4.82 CEX/DEX has been updated
  • SEN plugin has been updated to version 3.1

To grab SEN Enabler 6.0.9 and get your CFWed PS3 back online, simply follow this link and download it from your preferred mirror.

via http://wololo.net/2018/10/13/recent-...spoof-support/