There is little reason to be on firmware 3.69 right now. However, if youíre an unlucky buyer of a 3.69 console or run 3.69 on your second console for whatever reason, you may be in luck as Qwikrazor87, who released ARK for 3.60-3 a while ago, is apparently working on an ePSP hack for FW 3.69!

By analysing a string of tweets from the last couple of hours, Qwikrazor87 has revealed to us that:

  • Heís working on exploiting the ePSP software on PSVita/PSTV devices running FW 3.69
  • Currently, he has 5 different kernel exploits on hand and he can use 3 of these as heís saving the other 2
  • His time working on this may be limited as heís having some legal trouble so donít except a release just yet

Apart from revealing information about what he has, he also suggests that you download a PSP game (or mini; a demo might work as well but Qwikrazor87 hasnít confirmed this) off PSN and back it up via QCMA. This way, youíll have a backup that you can easily modify with psvimgtools and potentially inject the ARK payload into. Qwikrazor87 also suggests that you head over to and grab your CMA key by using the AID generated by QCMA on your PC.