Sega's video game revenues were stagnant in the first half of the fiscal year, with a lack of big new games to make an impact on the company's bottom line.
In the six months ended September 30, 2018, Sega earned 26.7 billion ($236 million) from packaged sales, slightly down from 27.1 billion ($240 million) a year ago. Digital games revenue remained flat year-on-year at 19.3 billion ($171 million).
Operating profit from packaged sales stood at 4.4 billion ($39 million) for the period, up from 3.5 billion ($31 million) year-on-year. However, digital games went from a 2 billion ($17.8 million) operating profit to a 1.4 billion ($12.4 million) loss.
The reason for the loss was the delay of unspecified games that were due for release in the first half of the year. The impact of those delays was partially offset by "robust" sales of the PS4 title Border Break.