VR pioneer Palmer Luckey has said that no currently announced VR hardware is good enough to appeal to mainstream - even at a price of "$0.00," the existing and imminent headsets would fail to engage a big enough audience.
In a blog post titled "Free isn't cheap enough," the founder of Oculus VR argued hardware sales as a "meaningless metric" for judging the success of VR. That can only be measured through engagement, Luckey said, which is "the number of people logging in and spending money each week."
"Recent market experiments with cheap VR hardware have shown that there are millions of people willing to buy said hardware, but very few among them continue to use the hardware or invest in the software ecosystem for very long," Luckey said, apparently referring to lower priced headsets like Oculus Go.
"This is true even when people get the hardware for free - the millions of cardboard boxes fulfilling their ultimate destiny on the back shelf of a closet don't do much for the VR industry. Why the lack of use?"